Brisbane Nail Supplies is Online

Brisbane Nail Supplies is a wholesaler of products used by Nail Technicians. They have a huge product inventory as Nail Technicians use a long list of products! They asked for a fast loading, easy to use website that works on mobiles and tablets as well as desktops. I custom built their new website to these requirements using a minimum of hand written code. The result is a fast website with an intuitive interface that is Google friendly.

Thumbnail of Brisbane Nail Supplies New Website
Brisbane Nail Supplies New Website

Build Your Online Presence

Are you confused trying to work out what to do next to get your website more visible to potential customers online?

You’re not alone. Every day thousands of Australian small and medium businesses allocate large marketing budgets to promote their business via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and online advertising. Many business owners eventually throw their hands up in despair at the lack of results for all the time and money invested.

What you need is a clear vision of what is needed to succeed. If you just knew what to do and what not to do wouldn’t you breathe a sigh of relief? I will outline this for you.

Right now I’m going to tell you there are no shortcuts, Google’s technology is now one step ahead of tricks and tactics and a long term approach is needed. This means you need to approach your online marketing campaign with consistency over the long term and with more skill than your competitors to get the best result.

Graph comparing internet use to find businesses for 2013 and 2014.
Frequency of consumer internet use to find a local business. Brightlocal

Where Do I Start?

Most importantly you need to provide value! This may seem obvious but a lot of business owners treat their website like a marketing flyer. By providing value whether it be entertainment or knowledge your marketing strategy becomes helpful and likeable rather than salesy and even annoying. By providing a fantastic experience and a reason to come back to your site you will have not just increased conversions but other websites will link to you. High quality links from authoritative sites are a major ranking factor for Google. This is the correct way to “link build”, a term used by SEO’s. For more information read my link building article.

Of course we do need a lot of technical aspects implemented correctly. Important factors such as user interface experience and page loading speed will make potential customers and Google either love you or hate you. I offer a free analysis of your website for these aspects and I promise the report will be easy to understand.