My websites:

  • have search engine friendly W3C compliant, efficient html;
  • are meta tag optimised;
  • display correctly on mobiles and tablets as well as desktops;
  • display correctly in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer;
  • contain structured data for enhanced listings in Google search results;
  • can be easily indexed by search engines; and
  • have super fast page loading speeds;

When building the website, I:

  • give critical feedback on content and marketing strategies;
  • work with you to select appropriate keywords and to publish content containing them;
  • report to you the quality and source of links to your website;
  • look at what your competitors are doing and discuss this with you;
  • assist you with the setup of appropriate social media accounts and Google Maps;
  • install analytics software; and
  • give critical feedback on website navigation and ease of use.

My work is a comprehensive collection of principles of good practice to leverage your marketing online. It is not a magic pill to get you to the top of Google. Surpassing your competitors in search results can happen eventually if your online marketing strategy is as a whole consistently of a higher quality than them.

Most businesses require a website that will advertise their services and/or products. The price for a marketing website with a contact form is $1950. The price for a more complex website is dependent upon what is required. The minimum price of an eCommerce website is $3450. To take the first step apply for a free analysis of your website.

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